Integrated Door & Access Packages

Integrated Door & Access Packages

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Every time someone arrives home, your smart home should do more than simply grant you access. For example, when the first member of the family arrives home, their individual access authentication should disarm the alarm and bring the lights and music on.


To faciliate an Integrated Access Package create a unique entry point - selecting from a range of composite doors by a market leading manufacturer.  This gives you the ability to choose from many variants but with peace of mind it is integrated fully with your smart home and your access choices



    Access control can be achieved with an access keypad, along with key pad located at gates if applicable.  Integration is also provided for Smart tags for both remote car and fobs for personal contactless technoclogy.  There can be the the optional addition of an electronic door lock should the integration call for it.

    Video and two-way communication can be included  via an intercom at the gates. A notification can be sent to all nominated tablets or smartphones when someone presses the doorbell.

    Separately, access can also be granted using permanent, one-time and time-based access codes entered via the keypad. Depending on the code, this can unset the alarm; unlock the front door; and turn on lighting, if necessary. Codes can be managed by the homeowner from within the app.

    Front Doors can be selected from a Leading manufacturer, will all variants possible to choose frame, door style, glazing, colours, furniture and accessories - all with the peace of mind it is fully integrated with your Access & Security automation options