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As a Loxone certified partner we have developed the know-how & expertise to offer a complete automated solution with intuitive control.  Suitable for Smart Homes, Hotels, Commercial and Custom applications. 

In Loxone's words "We are convinced: The Real Smart Home is a home that instinctively knows what to do, not a collection of gimmicks leaving you overwhelmed. An intelligent home, in which technology is kept in the background, relieves you of most of the tasks related to safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. It makes life easier and gives you back the only irretrievable thing: Time."  An ethos that is the back bone of our Intelligent Living vision.

At our show home you can experience Loxone first hand, by 'test-driving' a smart home, for an hour, a day, maybe a weekend break or even a weeks relaxation in the heart of Moray.



The Heart of Intelligent Living

We founded Go Home Smart with one goal in mind to create harmony and safety by transforming our everyday living spaces. We are seamlessly integrating high-quality, smart technology into daily life.

“Building a future to enhance security, confidence and happiness” is our driver.

As automation system designers and integrators we have many system variations to offer. We know that every function counts, and we strive to make your automated space work for you.

Go Home Smart is a Certified Loxone Partner giving us a reliable, future proof solution to offer as a system foundation. This can be built upon with many world-class elements and products from IR Heating to EV charge points to hardware. Always working to your Access, Security, Smart Energy, Confidence or Ambience brief. Our integrated service will cover it.

As a provider of thermal screening solutions we can work to create a reassuring environment for residents, staff and/or visitors to your premises - how can we help you?



We invite you to join our automated part of the world - we think you'll like it here!
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